Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pantone Spring 2015 Fashion Color Strawberry Ice

I really love this shade of pink as well as the name.  Pantone describes it as "a cool and refreshing delicacy ... a confection color that evokes a feeling of being 'in the pink', emitting a flattering and healthy glow.

Pantone suggests pairing this delicious color with Toasted Almond or Tangerine.  Tangerine is the color recipe I will share with you tomorrow so we will see how that combination turns out.  This pink is a bit on the coral side and looks scrumptious on it's own.  When I was doing a google search on this color, I came across this stone which I pinned to my pinterest board.  I couldn't help but think of experimenting with my Fabulous Faux Turquoise technique and using the Strawberry Ice as the base color.  Here are the results from my efforts:

These earring beads are double-sided (see my earlier post here) with the one side in the Strawberry ice and the opposite sides shown below in the green turquoise and the Pantone Fall color, Aurora red.

So here is the recipe for the Pantone color Strawberry Ice using Kato clay:

Strawberry Ice

1 part Kato Magenta
1 part Kato Yellow
1 part White Mix # 1-2 *

* This clay base color is found in my
"Clay Color System" tutorial
available as an instant download
in our Etsy Shop
or manually sent in an e-mail from

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