Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Faux Opal Colors for Spring

So I have been creating various items with the new faux opal colors that I purchased from Shades of Clay.  They are quite stunning and even though they seem a bit bright in the jar, the finished items have a much softer appearance.

Here are some snaps I made for my interchangeable jewelry and accessories using these new colors and the Art Resin.

Clockwise:  Aquamarine, Citrine, Pink Topaz, Peridot

When working with resins, I use the stainless steel blank snaps that have a flat base inside and a simple  bezel frame.  They are available in two sizes and I used the regular 18mm size for these.

And here are the stud/post earrings in the same colors using the stainless steel blanks.

And a few larger pendant pieces using the large metal charms (available in my online store here).
And here are some snaps I made using the Cabezel Molds where I used polymer clay for the Bezel and then filled the center with the faux Citrine Opal.  The yellow and green backgrounds really make the yellow in the opal mix pop more.  These pieces are also snaps for adding to any items with a snap base for interchanging.

Interchangeable shawl/hair pins with snap base
One thing I didn't realize is when working with the faux opals and Art Resin, there is a quite a different in the finished appearance of the pieces when using either Method A or B I show in my previous blog post here.  Scroll down to the very bottom to see the update report that I posted.

Charm on the left I used Method B and the Charm on the right I used Method A