Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Pantone Color Combination Samples plus CaBezel Tip

I have been working on new pieces using the Pantone Fall 2018 fashion colors in various combinations.  I love creating with the CaBezel molds that Wendy Orlowski at Shades of Clay designs and the new Holy CaBezels are my absolute favorites!  When working with them, I find it best to create my bezel frames first, add my snap and bake them so they are ready to fill when I need them.  I like to do them in my bolder or neutral colors like black, navy, dark green, etc. and in a variety of shapes.

To keep them handy, I have a peg board above my clay work table and I organize them all by color in bags and hang them on the pegs.

So here is a little peak of two that I did using a combination of four of the Pantone Fall 2018 Fashion Colors:  Martini Olive, Ceylon Yellow, Valiant Poppy and Russet Orange.

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