Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Kamloops Buttons

We are still busy these days making more buttons.  When Heather informed us that they had only one "Kamloops" button left in stock we got busy with making more.  These buttons (along with the special fabric they go with of course) have been a big seller which is quite exciting.  I am happy to announce that more buttons were delivered to Heather's Fabric Shelf yesterday and are ready to go.

Here are a couple photo samples of the new Batik fabric based on some photos taken of scenery in the local area.  You can see more colors on Heather's website.

My next plan is to pick up one of Heather's kits to make a bag for myself with my own "Kamloops" button on it, now that my new sewing area in our studio is almost set up and ready to go (will have photos of it for you very soon).

I know I haven't blogged very much these past few weeks but I have a lot of new stuff piling up and ready to share with you so you can expect more postings on a regular basis starting this week again.  I hope you will forgive me for slacking off in this area.  And of course, I always like to hear from you out there -- just to know that I'm not writing this to go out into thin air and lost in cyber space!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who Gives a Hoot!

Apparently a lot of our customers do.  I know I haven't blogged in a while again.  We have been up to our eyeballs with orders to fill so back into high production mode.  You've probably noticed owls popping up everywhere as they seem to be quite popular these days.  We've had requests for more owl themed items so these are a few more styles we have come up with.  To make things more streamlined and productive, I find it best to create all the owl faces in a sort of assembly line fashion.  Each one is individually formed from our own mold.  Genuine Swarovski crystals are embedded into the clay for the eyes and then they are each colored with mica powder pigments.

The cool thing about this method is that after they are baked, some of these will be made into buttons and others made into ...... some fun eyeglass holders.  We attached a brooch with bail on the back so it can be pinned or hung on a cord as a necklace.

These little guys will also be made into buttons and others turned into some lapel pins.

Between all the claying, we have been tidying up and reorganizing the studio.  I will share some of the new changes soon when it is all finished.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bumblebee Tutorial

While bumblebees aren't quite as adorable as a ladybug, I thought they would make a cool addition to our clay flowers.  Here is a quick and easy tutorial to make your own.

1) Make a plug of black clay.
2) Slice your clay plug into sections.
3) Insert some yellow clay between the black clay sections.
4) Press and squeeze the clay together to form a new plug.
5) Reduce and stretch your cane.
6) Cane reduced, cut and reduced more for varied sizes.
7) Slice off a piece of cane.
8) Roll a tiny ball of black clay to fill the bee.
9) Shape and "tease" it with your needle tool.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Unveiling of our Kamloops Button and a Great Quilt Show

We had a great time yesterday as we participated in one of the most unique and best shows ever, -- the 4th annual quilt show put on by Heather's Fabric Shelf in Kamloops, B.C.  The show extended from Heather's store to the Holiday Inn hotel next door which is where we were set up with our display featuring our  handcrafted buttons, accessories and scarf jewelry.  We had the opportunity to show off some of our new designs as well as have a wide selection of our buttons on hand.  I spent part of the time demoing with my clay to show how we make our buttons and other pieces using various techniques.

We had a fun time with Elsie and Donna of Donna's Yarn & Craft who were set-up next to us.  They also  have a large collection of our handcrafted shawl pins, beads, buttons and other wearable accessories in their store.

There were, of course, a lot of fabulous quilts at the show, some of which were real masterpieces.


This was a special quilt challenge using a specific fabric to create something unique.  The pieces were incredible with everything from wall hangings and bags to even a bird house!

And of course Heather's Fabric Shelf was filled with customers waiting for an exciting moment to happen in their store -- the unveiling of a new fabric line by a Canadian company, Cantik Batiks.

This is Heather of Heather's Fabric Shelf, along with Kevin (manager) and Shania (the designer) of Cantik Batiks ready to unveil the new fabric line designed especially for Heather's store and this show which is based on some photos taken of Kamloops scenery.

And now the exciting news:  Heather commissioned us to create a special button for this fabric and event.  She also created a handbag pattern incorporating our "Kamloops" button.

And here are a few of the buttons:

And the buttons shown on several bags:

And finally, this is Heather and Bill and their adorable little store mascot/boss.  They were too busy that day to get a picture of the two of them together and since I love this photo, I stole it off their facebook page.  They are an awesome couple and they did a wonderful job on the quilt show and is a real pleasure to  be a part of this event and a real honor to have our handcrafted items in their store.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Medallion Buttons and Quilt Show

Here are more of our medallion buttons in shades of blues and greens and another grouping in reds.  I love making these and even though the inks can be rather messy to work with I find doodling on each piece relaxing.  The pattern on each of these buttons is different making each one unique and one of a kind.

We have been busy making more of these buttons to fill orders as well as in preparation for several upcoming quilt shows.  The first quilt show is this Sunday, April 14 in Kamloops.  It is at the Holiday Inn and Suites Hotel across from and put on by Heather's Fabric Shelf.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nothing Wasted

Here is another series of kaleidoscope buttons in bolder colors.  These ones are available at Heather's Fabric Shelf along with some other unique designs made special for there shop.

I love making "Natasha" (inside out) beads from the left-over pieces from my kaleidoscope canes.  I collect the left-overs keeping them organized in batches until I have enough to make a bunch of beads.

Here is one of the beads made from the scrap pile above.

This is a container of my scraps that are rolled into logs ready to make more beads.