Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Polymer Art Jewelry Challenge - Day 1

A polymer artist, Donna Greenberg started something -- A Polymer Art Jewelry Challenge on Facebook.  The rules of this challenge seem pretty simple:  for 5 days, the nominated artist will show one of her pieces and nominate another polymer artist to do the same.  This challenge has spread like wildfire and before I realized it, I had been nominated several times by different people.  I was struggling with participating in this challenge on facebook as using facebook can be a "challenge" in itself.  For instance, we have our personal facebook account as well as our "professional" or business page.  So to keep things simpler, I decided to take part in this challenge by posting on our blog which will also be posted on our facebook page as a link.

So to begin this challenge, I will start with thanking Helen Breil, another Canadian polymer artist who was the first person to nominate me.  Thanks so much Helen!

In her honor, I thought I would share a piece inspired by Helen's Radiating Textures Tutorial.  The focal beads were combined with my Kite Beads technique to create this collar style necklace.

The polymer artist I would like to nominate today is another Canadian, Wendy Orlowski.  Some of you might know her as the person who owns Shades of Clay but I know her as some with many talents.  She is the creator of the CaBezel Molds which I love to play with.  She tells me she doesn't have as much time to play with the clay these days as she is so busy with helping her customers.  We are so thankful for her and Shades that we can buy most of our supplies right here in Canada.  I don't know what we would do without her!

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