Friday, January 30, 2015

Rainbow Lollipops for Crochet

We have been expanding our line of accessories for knitting and crocheting.  This is our latest pattern  called "Rainbow Lollipop".  The aluminum crochet hooks that we use were begging to be covered with some fun bright colors.

To create the lollipop pattern we made a "cane" in a rainbow color blend rolled up like a jellyroll.  The cane is reduced in size and then thin slices are applied to different colored clay backgrounds.

Our crochet hooks are not only colorful to look at but feel good in your hand with our own unique ergonomic design.  There is a shaped finger grip making them easier to hold but will also help in maintaining a consistent tension.

The sizes are stamped at the end of each crochet hook for easy identification and are available in a 2.0 all the way up to a size 10.

And of course we had to make some crochet stitch markers to match.  They are in a set of five different colors on a lobster claw clasp for attaching to a bag.

We've been working long hours to make a large supply and they are now available in our Etsy shop.