Friday, January 23, 2015

Doubling Up the Buffing Pads for Dremel

I just wanted to give you an update on our buffing pads for the dremel.  A while ago we posted some buffing tips which you will find here.  We make our buffing pads for the dremel or similar type rotary tool ourselves and are sold in a pack of 3 or a double pack of 6.  You can use them one at a time on your dremel but they can also be doubled or even tripled for a wider buffing area.  Here we have 2 buffing pads on the dremel shown below.  If you use 2 or 3 at a time, all you will need is a longer screw for attaching.

Dremel shown with 2 buffing pads for a wider buffing surface.

Dremel with 2 buffing pads for a wider buffing surface.

If you have never used our buffing pads before, this is some of the feedback we have received on them:

"Never seen Fimo shine so much!"

"These are the best for polishing without damaging polymer clay!!!  Brilliant!!!

"Excellent product.  This is my second batch and I love using these!"

"Great pads.  They work really well on the dremel I have"

- - - - - 

Unfortunately Canada Post has raised their rates again this year, however, we have decided to keep our shipping rates the same and absorb the difference.  There is no charge for shipping within Canada.

We are also still donating the same amount as before to the Samunnat Project in Nepal.  For every single pack of buffing pads that are sold we donate $1(US) and every double pack $2(US).

Our buffing pads are available in both our online store as well as our Etsy shop.


Mal said...

This sustained generosity makes such difference to us and we hope you both know how grateful we are. And to all the customers who buy the pads...DHERAI DHANYABAD!!! Thank you VERY much! And thanks for all the tips about using them! We all sit together when we are sanding and polishing and talk! That makes it easier. When we polish, we have to remember to put our long hair and scarves away!

2 Good Claymates said...

You are so welcome Wendy and is so nice to be able to help any way we can. Yes I can imagine there would be a problem with all those long scarves and hair! It is probably more fun to do it as a group like that as well! Give our best to everyone!