Monday, January 5, 2015

Pantone Spring 2015 Fashion Color Lucite Green

I am back on track again and ready to share with you the next Pantone Spring color, Lucite Green.  Pantone describes this color as "fresh and clarifying, cool and refreshing, with a minty glow."  While I never have been fond of mint green, I have to admit I really like this one and it seems to fit in quite well with this new spring palette.

Pantone suggests pairing it up with Classic Blue or Scuba Blue so I have done a little experimenting with a mokume gane technique using all three colors.  I really love the results with this combination.

For some reason I found this button difficult to photograph to show off the almost glass-like sheen and pearlescent shimmer.  Some of you might recognize the pattern which is from one of Helen Breil's texture sheets, Conga Line.

I had to create some veneer sheets using Julie Picarello's technique in this color combo as well and really loved the results.

These focal beads were made in the same way as in the post I shared with you yesterday.  I wanted to see what would happen to the textured background when I pressed it into the cabochon mold and I was so amazed to discover it was still intact!  The photo below shows how it came out of the mold before inserting into the clay bezel and then baking.

So here is the recipe for Lucite green using Kato clay:

Lucite Green

1 part Sea Green Base Mix #7-2 *
2 parts Kato Green
8 parts White Mix # 1-2 *

* This clay base color is found in my
"Clay Color System" tutorial
available as an instant download
in our Etsy Shop
or manually sent in an e-mail from

I hope you are having fun with these clay recipes so far and if you have any experiments with them you would like to share, please do.  You can e-mail them to us or post them on our facebook page.

More tomorrow...

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Lupe Meter said...

Beautiful creations!! Thank you for sharing the color recipe! :) I think this will probably be a favorite color of mine!