Pantone Color Recipes

For some time now I have been following the Pantone Fashion Color Reports.  Pantone determines the main colors for each season which are adapted by most of the fashion industries around the world.  We have a set of Pantone color cards which look like paint chips that list all of the Pantone colors by number.

Each season I refer to my Pantone cards for the latest fashion colors and mix up my polymer clay (Kato brand) to match these colors.  (Scroll to the bottom to read why we use Kato clay)   I am happy to share these color recipes with you.  Click on the photos below to see blog posts with these Pantone Fashion Color Recipes.

Pantone Fall 2021 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2021 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2020 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2019 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2019 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2018 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2018 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2017 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2016 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2016 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2015 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2015 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2014 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2013 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2013 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2012 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2012 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Fall 2011 Fashion Colors:

Pantone Spring 2011 Fashion Colors:

All of the above clay color recipes are included
in my Clay Color System (see below).

Carolyn's Clay Color System Tutorial:

You will notice that some of the clay colors used in mixing up the Pantone colors are referred to as being in my "Clay Color System".   This is my clay color tutorial which contains more than 50 of my own original color recipes some of which are base colors used for mixing up more of your own favorite colors.  My Color System is more than just color recipes, however, and is actually a tutorial I have created to help not only with mixing and combining your own clay colors but in organizing them as well.  You can purchase or read more about my Color System Tutorial if you click on the photo below:

Why We Use Kato Clay?

Quite often I am asked why I do not share any color recipes using other clays such as Premo.  The main reason is that you need to start with pure primary colors to create accurate color mixes and since Premo discontinued two of their main primary colors (zinc yellow and cobalt blue) it is almost impossible to recreate many of the color recipes that are formulated in Kato clay.  You can read more about why we prefer and use Kato clay if you click on the photo below:


Nika van Tilburg said...

Sculpey's web site offers both zinc yellow and cobalt blue. Are these not the zinc yellow and cobalt blue you are referring to?

2 Good Claymates said...

Yes they are which Polyform discontinued and due to a lot of outrage they brought them back. But they are the only true colors left in the Premo series which is not enough to create a full spectrum of other true colors.