Wednesday, June 8, 2022

New Buttons & Bags for Fibre Expressions

Fibre Expressions is a quilt shop on the Sunshine Coast of BC in the town of Sechelt.  They sell a wide range of our handcrafted buttons but what is unique is how they create bag designs in which our buttons are incorporated.  They are put into kits which makes it more efficient when purchasing the correct amount of each fabric for the project.

They will be selling these kits, along with other goodies at the Quilt Canada show which happens to be coming up already next week in Vancouver.  Of course if you cannot make it to the show and looking to order some of their items, they can be purchased in their online store.

Here are a few samples of the bags they created and a close-up sample of the buttons used:

Gigantic Blooms

Leaves with Lady Bug

Celtic Heart


Color Wheel


And finally, I created these special Surfboards as an accent button for a beach bag design of theirs.


We also have our handcrafted buttons listed in our own online store here.  We have everything from real tiny that are suitable for children's wear or knit/crochet projects to very large as shown above.

Mini Blooms

Some of our buttons might not be listed in our store if we are out of stock so you can contact us (through our website) with your request or any questions.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Lace Earrings

Here are some new feminine lace-style earrings created in the latest Pantone Spring fashion colors, Very Peri, Innuendo, Skydiver and Harbor Blue.  They are in 3 different teardrop styles/sizes and are ready to add to any of our interchangeable ear wires to create your own style.

These four colors are now available in our online store.  You can find our various jewelry pieces by shopping the different categories such as "Earrings" or "shop by color" such as our "Pantone Spring Color Collection".

Very Peri



Harbor Blue

We only make a limited amount of each piece in the latest fashion colors.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Pantone Color Samples in Very Peri, Innuendo and Harbor Blue

I just wanted to share some pieces that I created with some of the new Pantone Spring colors.  These have all been screen printed using various patterns.  The smaller pieces shown are post/stud earrings and the other items are all mounted on a snap so they are interchangeable.  Some items are already available in the Shuswap Artisan Market, in Sorrento, as well as our online store.  We have a category set up to make shopping the latest Pantone colors easy and you can see them here.

Very Peri
Crystals used are Purple & White Opal

Crystals used are Magenta-Orchid AB

Harbor Blue
Crystals used are Blue-Green AB

The crystal rhinestones used in the pieces shown above are available in our online store.  We have them in 3 sizes with a special if you purchase all 3 sizes (buy 2 packages and receive the 3rd free).

Thursday, March 3, 2022

New Flatback Crystals for Polymer Clay

I like to incorporate crystal rhinestones into my clay designs.  They make a perfect accent and give the pieces a more finished look plus who doesn't love a little bling?  Up until recently, I used exclusively genuine Swarovski crystals, however, they quit producing the type that is compatible with the clay (flatbacks with the hotfix glue) and what colors remain on the market are very limited but also very pricey.

I go through a lot of crystals in my work and since my stash was running low and Swarovskis were difficult to find, I had to come up with another solution.  I have since discovered new crystal rhinestones that are manufactured right here in my own country of Canada!  These crystals are amazing!  I find the cuts are very close to the Swarovski crystals (and is hard to tell the difference, really) and the colors are so rich and intense.

Because I order huge amounts, I get volume pricing and decided to make them available in our online store.  I have them available in 3 of the most popular sizes - 4, 5 and 6mm. 

Here are some samples of what is already available in my shop and I have matched some of these up with the new Pantone spring colors for visualization.  You can click on any of the photos below to see that specific crystal color listed.

The yellow crystals shown below are what they call "AB" which is an abbreviations for "Aurora Borealis".  These give off a sort of rainbow effect when they reflect the light.  Their beauty is difficult to capture in a photograph.  The crystals here are the same in both photo and with the Pantone Spring color Daffodil, but appear differently depending on the angle of my camera.

Here is another gorgeous color that has 2 main colors that reflect but also have an "AB" finish.  These are shown on two of the Pantone Spring colors, Innuendo and Dahlia.  See how the crystals pick up the color of whichever one they are on?

The crystals shown below are a blue and turquoise green combo and here they are on the Pantone Spring color, Skydiver.

The crystals below are called Hyacinth.  They reflect an orangey type red and are shown here on the Pantone Spring color Poinciana.  These crystals are one of my favorites and was very difficult to capture their true beauty.

The Aqua crystals shown here do not have the AB or reflective coating but are still very stunning due to the cuts and clarity.  Here they are shown with the Pantone Spring color Spun Sugar which compliment quite well.

And of course these purple crystals are very different than your typical Amethyst color.  The purple color is quite deep and intense and also a perfect compliment to the Pantone color of the year, Very Peri!

The crystals shown below are my absolute favorites!  They are a White Opal and have a milky  appearance.  I love how they make a great accent instead of plain clear crystals and find they combine well with my screen prints when I use white acrylic paint to create the patterns.  They work well when I do not have that perfect color match to the clay.

I have more colors listed in my online store which you can check out here along with other jewelry supplies that I use in my tutorial lessons.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Clay Recipes for the Pantone Spring 2022 Fashion Colors

 So here are is a review of all the Pantone Spring & Summer fashion colors for 2022.  Click on the photos below to see the individual recipes and inspiration ideas.  If you would like to see more Pantone clay recipes from the past, click on the tab at the top of this blog.

If you would like some recipe cards to print out for these clay colors, you can click here to download them.  They are ready to print out on 4" x 6" index cards (instructions included) so you can glue your baked color chips on them for easy reference.

Monday, February 28, 2022

The Core Classics of the Pantone Spring & Summer 2022 Fashion Colors

There are five colors added to the Pantone Spring & Summer palette called the "Core Classics".  These consist of a white, beige, green and two shades of grey.  When I create patterned clay using the "Mokume Gane" technique, I like to incorporate at least one neutral shade with my colors.  These Core Classics could work quite well in this case and I will share some examples with you later.

Here is an example using one of the Classics, called "Snow White".  If you have my Clay Color System, then you already have this recipe.  It is the same recipe as #1-2 White Mix.  I use this base white in a lot of color recipes as it adds a bit more depth and the end result is not as "flat" as just using plain white.  I also like to use the #1-2 White Mix (Snow White) instead of must plain white, as a contrast when creating with the Mokume Gane technique as shown below:

So here are the recipes for the five Pantone Classic Core colors using Kato clay:

*Note: These base color mixes are found in my Clay Color System Tutorial.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Pantone Spring Colors Glacier Lake, Daffodil & Coca Mocha

The last three color recipes to share from the Pantone Spring 2022 Collection are Glacier Lake (an icy blue-grey), Daffodil (like the spring flower) and a "chocolatey" Coca Mocha.

There are five more colors for this spring that Pantone refers to as "Core Classics".  I have mixed all of those up and will share the recipes with you tomorrow.  And then the fun begins!  Combining these seasonal colors by using various techniques and such which I will have samples of for you soon.  So here are the recipes for the above colors using Kato clay:

Glacier Lake
1 part Kato Blue
1/2 part Kato Violet
2 parts Kato Silver
8 parts White Mix #1-2 *

10 parts Kato Yellow
1 part Kato White
1/8 Kato Orange
1/8 Kato Gold

Coca Mocha
5 parts Kato Brown
1/2 part Kato White
1/2 part Kato Black

*Note: These base color mixes are found in my Clay Color System Tutorial.

And don't forget the sale we have on right now on all my tutorials in our online store -- you can see the details on my Facebook page here.