Saturday, April 8, 2023

Summary for the Pantone Spring 2023 Fashion Color Recipes

Here is a review of the Pantone Spring 2023 Fashion Colors.  Click on the photos below to see the individual recipes.  You can access the past Pantone seasonal color recipes by clicking on the tab at the top of this blog.

Viva Magenta

Fiery Red / Beetroot Purple / Peach Pink / Crystal Rose / Vanilla Cream

Tangelo / Empire Yellow / Leek Green / Love Bird / Classic Green

Blue Perennial / Summer Song / Skylight / Macchiato / Gray Lilac

I hope you enjoy these new recipes.  I should have some examples and perhaps a new fun tutorial to share as well soon.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Pantone Spring 2023 Fashion Colors - Final Clay Recipes

The final five Pantone Spring 2023 Fashion Color recipes that I will be sharing are Blue Perennial, Summer Song, Skylight, Macchiato and Gray Lilac - shown from left to right in the samples below.

The illustration below shows where these colors are located on the color wheel.  You can see where Macchiato is a mix of orange and green (half way between - more or less), thus creating a shade of brown.  It is also on the opposite side of the color wheel to the two blue colors making them "complimentary".  Complimentary colors generally make a good contrast to each other and can also look good together.

Here are a few other illustrations combining these same five colors to see how they look on various color backgrounds and also as a gradient blend.

Gradient Blend

Mixing the different color backgrounds

Colors shown on a white vs. black background

I like to play with my Pantone app and create various color palettes to see how they look together.

I should mention that the Pantone color Skylight is a lighter version of the Pantone Spring 2022 color Blue Harbor.  Since it takes a fair amount of white to lighten, it is much easier to use a small amount of the Blue Harbor as the base rather than mixing the Skylight color from scratch.  If you already follow my Clay Color System and saved any left over clay in the color Harbor Blue, you already know how convenient this method is.  That is why my Color System tutorial is more than just color recipes.  It is a simple easy to understand way to mix and combine color but also how to organize your recipes and your clay colors that are mixed.

So here are the recipes for these five Pantone colors.  I hope you have fun with them and I would love to see any samples you come up with.  You can always share them on my facebook page.

2 parts Ultra Marine # 9-2 *
2 parts White Mix # 1-2 *
1 part Ecru Mix # 2-8 *

2 parts Kato Blue
1/2 part Kato Turquoise
2 parts Kato Silver
2 parts Ecru Mix # 2-8*
15 parts White Mix # 1-2 *

4 parts White Mix # 1-2 *
1/4 part "Harbor Blue"

4 parts Kato Brown
1 part Ecru Mix # 2-8 *

1/4 part Kato Violet
1 part Kato Silver
6 parts White Mix # 1-2 *

* Note:  These clay color recipes are created using Kato clay.  Any of the base color "mixes" used are from my Clay Color System.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Pantone Spring 2023 Fashion Colors - Orange, Yellow & Green

The Pantone Spring color Tangelo is next on the color wheel following the reds and peaches I shared yesterday.  I should have included it as well since it combines and blends best with those shades.

Tangelo shown at far right on color wheel

Tangelo at far left of the gradient blend

Shown below are the next five Pantone spring colors going around the color wheel.  Starting from the top, and working to the right are the following colors in order: Tangelo, Empire Yellow, Leek Green (behind Empire Yellow), Love Bird & Classic Green.

Colors shown on various backgrounds
Colors shown on white vs. black background

Gradient Blend

I really like the color blend combination of the orange yellow and greens -- you just have to be careful when combining or blending the orange next to green as they are both "secondary" colors and when combined they become a "mud" color-- or in other words, brown.  That is why having a yellow in between works as a sort of "bridge" and prevents the mud effect.  I explain a lot of these color mixing rules and tips in my Clay Color System.

So here are the recipes for these five colors using Kato clay.  Again, two of the colors are a very close match to previous Pantone colors and I have provided a link to those original recipes.

5 parts Kato Yellow
1 part Kato Orange

2 parts Kato Yellow
1/4 part Kato Green
1/4 part Kato Gold
4 parts Ecru Mix #2-8 *

1 part Kato Green
2 parts Kato Yellow
1/4 part White Mix #1-2 *

* Note:  These clay color recipes are created using Kato clay.  Any of the base color "mixes" used are from my Clay Color System.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Pantone Spring 2023 Fashion Colors - From Magenta to Red to Peach

The five colors, Fiery Red, Beetroot Purple, Peach Pink, Crystal Rose & Vanilla Cream are all close to each other on the color wheel.  They range from a magenta to red to a peachy pink.  The color wheel diagram below shows where they are actually located and how close they are to each other.

Colors left to right:
Beetroot Purple, Fiery Red, Crystal Rose, Peach Pink, Vanilla Cream

In fact, the color wheel below shows where Viva Magenta (Pantone Color of the Year 2023) fits in, which is right between Beetroot Purple (far left) and Fiery Red.

Colors Left to Right:
Beetroot Purple, Viva Magenta, Fiery Red, Peach Pink

I have the Pantone Connect app which is a lot of fun to play with.  You can create your own color palettes and see how the colors go together.  Here are a few examples using these five colors:

Gradient Blend

Different Background Combinations

Light vs Dark Background

Another feature with this app is that you can cross match Pantone colors and find other colors that are a close match.  I have so many clay color recipes in my "library collection" and if a new Pantone color is a close match to one I already have, I will prefer to just stay with that color instead of tweaking it ever so slightly.  It makes life in the studio a whole lot easier!  One example of this is the new Spring 2023 color, Beetroot purple, is a close match to a previous Pantone color from Spring 2017 called Pink Yarrow.

Another close match to the Pantone color, Crystal Rose, is Gossamer Pink which was one of the Pantone Spring colors from last year.

The Pantone color, Peach Pink was the exact same color used in the Pantone Fall 2019 palette.  Creme De Peche was another color used in the same Pantone Palette and is a close match to this year's spring color, Vanilla Cream.

And lastly, if you have my Clay Color System tutorial, then you already have the clay recipe for Fiery Red.  It is a very close match to Cadmium Red, recipe # 4-2.

So just click on the color names below to see the original recipes posted on my blog:

(see Recipe #4-2 * in Carolyn's Clay Color System)

Monday, March 20, 2023

Viva Magenta! Pantone Color of the Year 2023

I am finally back and must apologize for the long delay.  I have had many things to deal with lately which I will be able to share eventually but not now.  In the meantime, I have just finally begun to mix up some of the new Pantone Spring Fashion colors for this year.

Pantone announced their color of the year for 2023.  It is called Viva Magenta!

I have been seeing a lot of facebook posts regarding this new color.  Some show it as an almost true magenta where some have even shared it as a plum or purple.

So is this color really a shade of magenta?  Or is it more a deeper red?

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explains how they "drew inspiration from nature and what is real.  Pantone, Viva Magenta, descends from the Red family and is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has known.

Image credit: Vahe Martirosyan [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

Cochineal is one of the most important insect dyes and you can read more about it here.  And this is another interesting article on its' history:   The Bug That Had the World Seeing Red

The dye it produces is a deep rich shade of red.  By adding various other ingredients, however, it can change to shades of pink, purple and even orange.  I have found that the Pantone color, Viva Magenta is a combination of both red and magenta.  That is why it is so difficult to determine on which side of the scale it really is.

As I mixed up the clay color to match my Pantone Swatch, I suddenly realized that this color looked awfully familiar!  I grabbed my samples and ran to my kitchen to discover why I had recognized it.  It was a dear ringer match for the color on the walls I had painted!  You can see my blog post here on the renovations I did.

I love this warm color and how it makes me feel whenever I am in the kitchen. I was looking for the paint color number but couldn't find the paint chip sample.  I used a Behr paint in a satin finish (recommended for kitchens).  When I find the color chip number I will add it here.

I haven't had time to create anything with my polymer clay version yet but should later on -- after I mix up the spring colors.  So here is the recipe using Kato clay:

Viva Magenta

4 parts Kato Magenta
3 parts Kato Red
1/8 part Kato Black

As you can see it is a very simple recipe that makes such a rich and exotic color!  I will be back shortly with more of my clay recipes for the spring colors.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Snap Decisions Tutorial & Bonus

A new year has already started and I am so ready to put 2022 behind me!  But it seems the cycle never ends and January means back to end of year bookkeeping, taking inventory and such.  Counting all the trillions of little items for inventory is not my favorite task but has to be done.  I am quite strange though as I have taken all the accounting courses and quite enjoy it.  I just find it difficult to switch back and forth between that and my creativity in the studio.  It is like a struggle that goes on between the right side and left side of my brain.  So I will forge ahead and wrap up the paperwork as quick as possible so I can go back to the fun side of life!

Unlike a New Year's resolution, I have instead been contemplating on what my focus should be for this year and I feel I have a good plan.  I have already started off by implementing a few changes with more to come later.

Eight years ago I created my first interchangeable "snap" jewelry pieces!  This idea was a real game changer for me and I still love the whole concept.  Since then, I have expanded my collection a great deal and I plan to continue on and still make it my main focus.

I published my "Snap Decisions" tutorial back in 2015 which I since had for sale -- that is until now.  It is no longer for sale -- that is as an individual lesson.  It is now included (at no charge) with the purchase of my new "Starter Packs".  These starter packs include a wide range of snaps and accessories (items may vary slightly from the photos) that will jumpstart your creativity and hopefully to have fun creating your own original designs!

Here is how it works:

With the purchase of starter pack 1, you will receive as follows:
- a wide range of snaps and snap accessories.
- Part 1 of my tutorial (PDF format)

A total value of $75+  for only $60 Cdn. (plus shipping and taxes if applicable)

With the purchase of starter pack 2, you will receive as follows:
- a large supply of snaps and snap accessories
- Parts 1 & 2 of my tutorial (PDF format)
- Bonus:  Your own personal coupon code for future discounts from our DIY Snap & Jewelry supplies.  (Note: Coupon code must be used at least once a year in order to keep it activated).

A total value of $120+  for only $95 Cdn (plus shipping and taxes if applicable) 

The tutorial(s) that is included with your starter pack will be sent out separately as a PDF file directly to the e-mail address provided.  This will give you a head start to read it through and familiarize yourself before your snaps arrive in the mail.

These packs are a lot of fun and provide a sampling of many items to not only get you started but also get a feel for any items you might want to make more of in the future.

Personal Coupon Code

So what is the personal coupon code?  This is included only with the Starter Pack 2 -- The larger pack that includes both of parts 1 & 2 of my Snap Decisions tutorial.  It is your own personalized code (not to be shared with anyone else) for a 25% discount on any future supplies from our online store.  This is a great saving as most of the items in those categories are already at bulk prices.

The coupon code does not expire, that is, as long as it is used at least once a year.  The year starts from your date of purchase.

If you do already have a coupon code and it has expired, then you can purchase the starter pack 2 and your code will be reactivated again.  You will also receive the starter pack of snaps and snap accessories included.

And now, one more announcement:

I have created a Facebook Group:

This is a group that I am just now starting and you can click on the link above to join.  I hope it will be of some help to those who could use some inspiration as well as more tips and tricks on creating your own interchangeable snap jewelry.  Hopefully I will get to meet up with many of you there.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Summary for the Pantone Fall 2022 to Winter 2023 Fashion Colors

Here is a review of the Pantone Fall 2022 to Winter 2023 Fashion Colors.  Click on the photos below to see the individual recipes.  You can access the past Pantone seasonal color recipes by clicking on the tab at the top of this blog.

Lava Falls  --  Samoan Sun  --  Orange Tiger

Rose Violet  --  Amazon

Nosegay  --  Waterspout

Caramel Cafe  --  Midnight  --  Martini Olive

Core Classics

I use to provide recipe cards to print out here on this blog but decided it was extra work since I did not have enough interest.  If you would like to receive these cards still then leave a comment here or on my facebook page and I will try and send you a link to download.