Friday, January 16, 2015

Polymer Art Jewelry Challenge - Day 3

For day three of the Polymer Art Jewelry Challenge, I would like to thank Wendy Moore, who was the third person to nominate me.  Wendy is with the Samunnat Project which aides women in Nepal who have survived domestic violence and develops ways to generate an income for them and their families.  They work with polymer clay creating beads and jewelry and their work is for sale through an Etsy shop as well as Kazuri West.

They have managed to construct their own building (the main floor) with help from the polymer clay community.  You can see the progress so far on a video that is posted on Polymer Clay Daily here.  They are still working on the second floor and have many more needs.  One way we like to help is by donating a portion our buffing pad sales towards their project.  You can read more about this on our website here.

I was trying to decide what picture to post today and then remembered one that I hadn't shared yet.  The design is rather simple but one of my favorite pieces.  The focal beads were made with extruded clay and then accented with mica powder pigments.

Now to nominate another person.  I am going to choose another Canadian, Elaine Robitaille.  Elaine is one of the writers for Craft Gossip in which she contributes to the polymer clay category.  I look forward to my e-mail from Craft Gossip each morning and reading about a featured artist or new tutorial to share.  She also has her own blog under the name of tooaquarius so you can see some of her own work there.

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