Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our springs have sprung into a necklace!

Well here it is ... a spring necklace made from the spring beads.

The other beads were done in a Mokume Gane technique strung with fresh water pearls.  There is a barrel clasp hidden inside a polymer clay bead. We will tell you more about those later.

I think we will experiment a little more with the spring idea and see what else we can come up with since they were a lot of fun to make.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Looks like spring has arrived -- at least in our corner of the world. Seeing the new flowers sprouting up can't help but make your heart sing and feel drawn towards their beautiful colors after a long cold winter. These flowers in our yard actually survived the winter and have been in full bloom for several weeks now. I love the bright jewel tone colors of the Primulas and how they stay in bloom for so long which is probably why it is my favorite spring flower.

I've been working on other "spring" type clay projects lately. Here are some Spring beads I made with an idea in mind on how to use them. We will see what Dave comes up with in a few days and keep you posted.

These are a few of the flowers on clay tiles I have been working on for the past week to decorate a different sort of jewellry/trinket display cabinet. I will show more photos later of the progress and the final finished project.


Monday, March 10, 2008

What's in a name?

When we started this blog we wanted a catchy moniker that might stick in peoples minds. Dave looked in various trade magazines and found a variety of word-play names. It seems that the majority of jewelry/artist/business types choose to name their business after either where they live, what their name is or after their favorite letter of the alphabet. But, there are several people who, like us, obviously stress the hobby and fun part, name the business after;

A) a Thing - the Bead Bug, The Beadoir, Beadniks, Bumblebeads, Busy Little Beads, Beads of a Feather, The Birds and the Beads, Three Little Beads, or Beauty and the Beads.
B) a favorite band - the Beadles, Beadlemania, the Beadgee - a favorite song - Let it Bead, the Bead Goes On, Just Bead It, We Got the Bead, don’t worry - Bead Happy
- a T.V. show - the Regal Beader (3’s Company), 3 Beads and a Button, or Bead Me Up (Scotty)
C) Sayings - Keep Me in Stitches, Bead Creative, the Garden of Beadin, the Beading Heart, Bead Different, a Beadiful Thing, Beading Around the Bush, Beadazzled, the Beadaholic, Meant To Bead, Needin to be Beadin, Off the Beadin Path, Bead a Little - Bead a Lot, To Bead or Knot to Bead, All Strung Out, and High Strung.

We wanted a unique name that included both of us and our surname. We thought of : Two Cute Beads or 2Busy Beads or 2 Good Beaders. Hmmm.....almost. Well we are husband and wife and we are best friends (you might say mates) about 2 Good Claymates. Dave especially likes the claymate part as he says that I will always be his Claymate of the Year!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Devine Intervention?

We really enjoy making jewellry for our friends. One of them only wears necklaces with a cross. When we asked her about it, she told us it was one of her favorite pieces as she is a Christian and it was a symbol of her faith.

We decided to make her a necklace with a polymer clay cross and matching tube beads in a mokume gane style. This is a metal smithing technique from Japan that can be imitated by stacking clay in an assortment of colors and then cut into with tools or stamps. Pieces are then thinly shaved off leaving a random design. I stamped the layered clay with some circle and square cutters and then carefully shaved thin layers off placing onto a sheet of black clay. I was almost done when somethig amazing happened. I think you will agree with me that what was left in the centre of the cross after I carefully cut around it added an even deeper meaning.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Howdy folks!

We haven't posted for a few days now because we were having too much fun with our clay and creating new things. We had some clay lentil swirl pendants along with some other beads we wanted to use, so decided to try them in a lariat style. I think Dave got hooked (or should I say lassooed) as he ended up making five more after that! Maybe it was our early years of growing up in Alberta with the rodeo and stampede that influenced us or they were just a lot of fun to create (and wear) but we will probably make more of them in the future! You will see a few more in our flickr photo collection. We are interested in what you think of our designs and appreciate any comments you can offer.