Wednesday, October 13, 2021

More Silkscreens by Tonja on Pantone Fall Fashion Colors in a "Snap"

I have been busy finishing off more new pieces in the Pantone fall fashion colors.  These pieces have been screen printed using the silkscreens from Tonja (see previous post here) and the Pantone colors, Mykonos Blue and Fuchsia Fedora.  They are not completely finished as I still need to add a snap to the back so they can work with my interchangeable collection.  I create all my pieces this way so they are more functional.  This way they can be worn as a necklace, or snap them onto a scarf cinch or shawl stick, etc.

Pantone Color Mykonos Blue
Silkscreens by Tonja Lenderman

Pantone Color Fuchsia Fedora
Swirling Vines Silkscreen by Tonja Lenderman

I have a tutorial lesson on how to adapt your polymer clay patterns into "snaps".  It is a fun way to create a unique line of interchangeable jewelry.

Right now I have my lesson, "Snap Decisions" * on sale until this Sunday (no coupon needed).  There is a bonus offer if you purchase both parts 1 & 2 of my lesson -- a personal and permanent coupon code for 25% off any purchases from my DIY snap supplies categories.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Combining Pantone Fall Fashion Colors with Tonja's Silkscreens

I created some new polymer clay pieces in the Pantone fall colors with more silk screen patterns.  I was wanting some new designs so ordered several silkscreens by Tonja Lenderman.  She has some really unique patterns and I selected the ones that would work well on smaller pieces of clay such as earrings and snaps.  Many of the silkscreens out there have quite a bit of open "space" and  work best when creating larger items.

The colors here I started with were in the Pantone Fall colors Pale Rosette and Spring Lake.

Snaps in Pale Rosette & Spring Lake
Silkscreen prints by Tonja

The silkscreen below is called Zen Waves and is fun to work with.  I used the Pantone color Spring Lake and printed it in white. 

Silkscreen by Tonja
Printed on Snaps in the Pantone Fall color Spring Lake

Large (unfinished) "Snaps"

I really like the Mini Gingham - Hound's Tooth pattern.  I wanted to experiment a bit first without using too much clay so I positioned the silkscreen in the center of the clay sheet and printed a partial section of each side.  A little sheet of clay can go a long ways when making snaps, earrings or other small jewelry pieces.

Pale Rosette
Silkscreen Mini Gingham-Hounds Tooth by Tonja

Cork Bracelet with Interchangeable snaps in Pale Rosette

I mixed up a third clay color of my own -- a rich autumn gold that matches the cork jewelry pieces that are my own design and create.

Cork Necklace with matching clay "snaps"

This is another tip for saving time and clay with your silkscreen project.  Sometimes I will roll out clay in two different colors.  I will butt them up together to create one complete sheet and then silkscreen over the entire area.

Pale Rosette and Autumn Gold Clay
Swirling Vines Silkscreen by Tonja Lenderman

The Scalloped Lace silkscreen is really elegant.  I did the same with creating a half sheet each of the same two colors.  The design is very intricate and works really well for my small jewelry snaps and earrings.

I have a few more silkscreens that I haven't played with yet so will share my results a little later with you.