Sunday, July 16, 2017

Christmas in July Special

I know it is hard to think about Christmas in the middle of summer. Here in our area we have had extreme high temperatures and with several major forest fires in the distance, we are almost wishing it was winter!  But if you are making items for  Christmas gifts or to sell at your Christmas shows, now is the time to start if you haven't already.

We are having a limited time special to go along with your creating.  With a minimum purchase from any of our supplies in our online store, you will receive a credit to use towards any of our tutorials.  The amounts that you will receive are based on your total purchase which is listed below:

Purchase $50* total from our supplies section:

Receive a $10 credit to use towards
any of our tutorials!


Purchase $75* total from our supplies section:

  Receive a $15 credit to use towards
any of our tutorials!


Purchase $100* total from our supplies section:

  Receive a $25 credit to use towards
any of our tutorials!


* (Order total is after any discounts
or coupon codes that have been applied)

-- No coupon code is needed -- 
Special applies to anything in our Supplies Section

** That includes all jewelry making supplies
and even buffing pads! **

A coupon code to be applied towards
any tutorials of your choice will be sent directly
to the shipping e-mail address that is provided
after your order has been processed.

We are now stocked up on lots of supplies and have put together some new kits in our Snap Supply Section!  We have also brought back our Snowflakes in a Snap tutorial but in a special package so you can start making your own snowflake designs early this year!

We have other new kits listed including one for rings, earrings and much more!  See all our snap supplies in our snap supply section in our online store.

Snap Base Ring Starter Kit

Snap Base Earring Starter Kit
So shop early while we have lots of inventory and get a head start this year with some extra savings!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Art Snap of the Month and New Items

We are starting a new program on our website.  Each month we will have a featured art snap of the month.  With every $50 purchase from our Snap Decisions Collection you will receive one of our handcrafted art snaps as a gift for free!

For the month of July our art snap of the month is our popular multi-floral in a selection of six colors to choose from each with our signature lady bug!  There is no coupon code necessary.  After purchasing at least $50 (Cdn) from our Snap Decisions Collection, leave a comment at the checkout telling us which color of snap you would like and we will included it with your order.  With a $100 order you will receive two bonus snaps plus free shipping!

We also have added some new items to our Snap Decisions Collection.  Most are in our "New Items" section but here are a few examples:  (Click on the photos to view the items in our shop)

New Stretch Band Hair Ties with a Snap Base

New Snap Base Post Earrings with a Built in Clip.
No more fiddling around with little stoppers!

Waterdrop Pendant

Also available with our interchangeable clip bail

Faux Snake Chain Lariat

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Make Your Own Interchangeable Snap Bracelet

We have these cool bracelet clasps in our DIY Snap Supply section of our online store that have a snap for interchanging.

I suddenly realized I never did a tutorial on how to make your own bracelet with these and even though it is quite simple I thought I would give you a mini tutorial here with a special bonus offer!

These clasps come as a two piece set.  The main part with a snap base for interchanging your art snaps and a slider that keeps the bracelet closed while wearing.

To create your own bracelet, you will need some cord that is 6 mm thick and 14"-16" long, depending on your wrist size.  15" (36 mm) is good for an average size wrist.  I have a small wrist and so my cord length is 14" (34 mm) and you can cut it 16" (38 mm) or longer for a larger size wrist.

Fold your cord in half and slide on the slider piece.  Slide it up towards the folded loop making sure that the ends are even.

If your cord has a seam, make sure the seam is to the back or bottom of your bracelet so it is hidden.

All that is left now is to glue the ends of your cord into the snap base.  I like to use a gel type super glue.  The Loctite brand is exceptional as it is quick drying and holds really well!  So add some glue directly to the inside of the snap base end as shown (rather than on the cord as it is less messy this way).  Insert your cord ends and hold for a few seconds until it is secure.  Note:  Because this glue is fast drying it is good to make sure your cord ends are already straight and lined up ready to insert before adding the glue.

Once the glue is dry, your bracelet is now ready to wear!

A - open the loop by pulling back the slider
B - place the loop over the snap base and fit it in the groove
C - Push the slider up to hold it in place
D - Snap in your art design and wear!
We also have Necklace magnetic front closure clasps with a snap that take the same size cord and you can create a matching set.  My tutorial to create the necklace is here.

And for a limited time, we have a special bonus offer.  Purchase some of the snap base clasps and receive some cord at no extra charge to make your own bracelets or necklace.  This cord is a super soft Ultra-suede in black with a copper brown heart pattern.  You will see the bonus packs in our DIY Snap supply section in our online store.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Here in Canada we have an even greater reason to celebrate as Canada will be 150 years old!  Dave and I will be celebrating down at the Shuswap Artisan Market in Sorrento today so if you are in the area, drop in and say hi.  We will have a large selection of our handcrafted Canadian themed items available.

To celebrate, we are having a sale -- 20% off all our Canadian themed items.  Enter the coupon code:  Canada150 at the checkout to receive your discount.  Click here or on the photo below to see our Canada Collection:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Vintage Lace Designs

Our friend Linda was helping with the clay this past month, when she was able to.  She has been in a lot of pain waiting for her hip replacement surgery and she found that playing with the clay was very therapeutic and helped keep her mind off things.  Fortunately her surgery is tomorrow (Friday) and we wish her well with our thoughts and prayers.

These past couple of months with her helping has been a lot of fun and a real blessing!  I first taught her how to condition clay and then to mix up my color recipes.  I had several large bins of scrap clay and she had a ball going through each bin, sorting into piles and then mixing them up to create some new colors.

We were discussing what to do with some of it and I happened to mention to her about the air dry clay and ceramic dishes I had seen online made by texturing with lace doilies.  I have been wanting to try that with the polymer for some time now.  Linda was quite excited about the idea and the next day she came over with a bag full of old vintage doilies!  We started experimenting with them and these were a few of the first ones we made (not finished off yet). 

And this is one that I just finished off the other day.  You can see in the photos how large they really are.

We were wondering what else we could create with the lace and I thought switch plate covers could be cool.  We had fun figuring out various designs to see which ones we liked the best.

Some of these items will be going into the Shuswap Artisan Market in Sorrento this Saturday.  It is Canada Day and Dave and I will be there with all of our special Canada 150 themed pieces to celebrate this big event.  If you are in the area, come on in and see us!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Displaying our Larger Size Snaps and Other Items

We are always asked how we display our work for selling in stores or for shows.  Many are surprised when we tell them we make all our own cards and print them on our computer.  We find this method the best as we can make them in any size or shape and as many or few at a time.  Now we create even more complicated ones that are cut out with our Silhouette Cameo machine.

But you don't need a fancy machine to make your own cards and this is our latest method used for selling and displaying our interchangeable art snaps.  These ideas not only work for snaps but can also be applied to other pieces such as brooches, earrings and even buttons!

You can see a previous post here where we showed how we display our snaps using the display cards that are available in our online store in the DIY Snap Supply section.

These cards work really well for the regular size snaps and when selling them in groups of three or in pairs but what to do about those irregular shape or larger size ones?  We have found several ways we like to keep them organized in our studio and displaying in shows.  A simple way of organizing is using jewelry trays with dividers.  You can fit quite a few snaps in a tray and additional trays can be stacked.  This looks really nice when putting them out at a show and doesn't take a lot of time with packing and unpacking.

But since we started selling our decorative snaps to several stores, we had to come up with another way to not only display, but also for merchandising.

For this purpose, we designed some simple cards just by using the Word program on our pc computer and then printing out on a heavy card stock.  The simplest way for this is to create a "Table" with squares in the size you want.  Here I fit 8 to a sheet and made them longer so they can fold in half with the fold at the top.

After cutting them out, they are folded in half.  We punch a hole at the top for hanging (optional).  We then punch a hole in the center for inserting the snap.  This hole has to be the right size or the snap will fall out if it is too large.  After a lot of searching, we finally found a hole punch in the correct size (3/16") to fit the snap.

Punch the hole through both thicknesses so the snap is more secure on the card when hanging.

Another cool thing is how the card can turn into a mini stand for display as well!

Here are some extra large snaps we made on larger size cards.  We made them the same way, but with only 4 cards to a page.  They show off nicely when standing up.

You will notice that our cards are very simple and plain looking and for a good reason.  We feel the card is only a background or support for the art piece which is what we really want to show off.  A busy pattern on a card can be very distracting and not show your pieces off very well.

You can also store or display your carded items in trays (or drawer dividers shown here) which is also quick and easy for packing and putting out at shows.

And if you aren't into making your own cards and want something already made, we have some new cards available in our online store in the DIY Snap Supplies section.  These cards are a soft plastic with a plush velvet background and a center hole ready to hang.  Snap jewelry is printed in silver on the front of the card and you can always add a sticker with your name on the very bottom or on the back.  The cards are 1-1/2" wide and the larger snaps on the cards shown below are 1-1/8" and fit quite nicely on them.

If you are still considering adding a snap to some of your clay designs to make them interchangeable, our half price offer is still on for a few more days and ends on Friday, June 30th.  Receive both Part 1 and Part 2 of my Snap Decisions tutorial for only $10!  Plus receive your own personal coupon code (no expiry date) to use later for 20% off your snap supply order!

Creating your pieces in a snap are so much fun and versatile!  Just think of all the possibilities you can do with them!