Saturday, January 11, 2014

Summary for the Polymer Clay Recipes for the Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion Colors

So I hope you enjoyed mixing up some new colors for the new year.  Here is a summary of all ten of the Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion Colors.

Just click on each picture below to see the color recipe using Kato polyclay.  You can see my other clay recipes for Pantone colors from past seasons on the "Polymer Clay Color Recipes & Tips" page link at the top of this blog.

Just a note here.  I have been asked many times if I recreate these color recipes in other clay brands such as Premo.  We use to use Premo clay some time ago but have since then switched and use pretty much only the Kato brand now.  Some time ago, I wrote a blog post explaining why we switched and you can read it here.


Mal said...

As ever Carolyn, a huge thank you for this wonderfully genius sharing of your mixing efforts. I am just back from some time in Australia's Alpine High Plains and I kept exclaiming to my somewhat bemused husband how we were surrounded by your Pantone mixes! A Dazzling blue sky, Radiant Orchid and Freesia Yellow native flowers, Flame Robins with breasts of Celosia Orange and our wonderful gums with bark of hemlock tones. Hope you have fun using them and look forward to seeing more results of what you do! Hugs, Wendy

Mal said...

I meant generous but it is genius too!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks so much Wendy. Mixing and sharing the Pantone colors seems to be my thing now and I really enjoy doing it. Your travels sound so wonderful and colorful! Was so nice hearing from you!

Unknown said...

I love the way Kato looks but unfortunately, the smell actually me feel queasy. I'm not the only one who I've talked to who's had this issue.
I'd love to use Kato but can't and I'd really love to get the recipes, if you did them in Fimo or Premo or even a combo or the 2.
I mostly sculpt so the softer formuation isn't as big an issue

2 Good Claymates said...

That is too bad Susan about the smell and something my hubby and I cannot understand as we have never noticed any smell with the Kato and he is extremely sensitive to most chemicals and odors.

My color system can still be used with other clay brands -- minus all the color recipes that are in Kato. If you are a sculpter, mind you, I am sure the Pantone colors wouldn't be as important as to one who works more with fashion as in creating jewelry.