Monday, January 6, 2014

Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion Color Hemlock

Hemlock is another one of the pastel shades chosen as one of the Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion colors.  I am not so sure how I plan to use this color yet but will share it with you once I figure it out.  Pantone describes it as a summery, ornamental green that provides a decorative touch.  They admit that it is quite different than greens they have included in past seasons and I have to agree with them there.

In the video, Leatrice Eiseman explains how all the colors this season are strong enough to stand on their own and yet many of them combine with each other very well.  She also says how Hemlock, along with the Violet Tulip and Placid Blue are soft enough that they could be used as a neutral when combining with other colors or pair any of the three pastels with a bolder hue for an au courant (or as my husband would call it, "groovy") look.

Here is the clay color recipe
using Kato polyclay:

* The Cilantro # 7-3 and White Mix # 1-2 are base clay recipes found in my Color System tutorial which is available in our Etsy shop (as an instant download) or in our online store (which will be e-mailed within 24 hours).

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