Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion Color Freesia

The Pantone Spring 2014 color Freesia is a rich "blazing" yellow with a slight orange undertone.  I love this shade of yellow and how it combines beautifully with so many other colors.

I've had this scarf for quite some time and is one of my favorites.  I happened to have it hanging in our studio for the past week as I was thinking about creating a clay accent piece for it.  I suddenly realized and was so excited and amazed when I discovered the colors in this scarf were a very close match to the Pantone spring 2014 colors of Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Violet Tulip and Freesia!

I did manage to make some time to play with more bargello and here is a scarf necklace created with the Freesia, Radiant Orchid and Dazzling Blue combination to go with my scarf.

Here is the clay color recipe
using Kato polyclay:

* The Rich Golden Yellow # 6-2 is a clay recipe found in my Color System tutorial which is available in our Etsy shop (as an instant download) or in our online store (which will be e-mailed within 24 hours).


Radically Riley said...

That necklace looks fantastic with the scarf. Bravo!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks. I couldn't believe how the colors matched so well and was so excited when it turned out and can hardly wait to wear it!