Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion Color Celosia Orange

The Pantone Spring 2014 color Celosia Orange is described as an optimistic and spontaneous hue.  It is another one of this springs bolder colors.  While this color is rather strong, it still has a nice softness about it with a peachy coral tinge and as Leatrice Eiseman says, one could wear this type of orange without looking like a popsicle.

Pantone suggests to pair Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip for a "captivating vision, much like the setting sun. I do love these colors together but wondering what technique would allow each color to show off best.  There are certain rules in color mixing that we need to keep in mind when working with mediums like paint or polymer clay.  The Celosia Orange and Violet Tulip are both secondary colors on the color wheel.  If these two (secondary) shades were to actually mix you would end up with mud or brown and that wouldn't be too pretty at all.  If white or black, for instance were used as a sort of "separation" and contrast for the two colors, the orange and violet colors would then pop.

I have been playing with Bargello patterns lately and so decided to try a combination of Freesia and Cayenne with the Celosia Orange.  This color combination works quite well together in a harmonious way.

Here is the clay color recipe

* The White Mix # 1-2 is a base mix clay recipe found in my Color System tutorial which is available in our Etsy shop (as an instant download) or in our online store (which will be e-mailed within 24 hours).

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