Friday, August 23, 2013

Pantone Fall 2013 Fashion Colors Acai and Vivacious

I thought I would start you off with clay recipes for two of the new Pantone Fall 2013 fashion colors, Acai, a deep purple and Vivacious, a rich fuchsia or magenta.  The two colors go really well together so make a great combination in the clay.  Purple is one of those colors that does not look good on me, no matter what shade.  I have learned, however, that when you are making jewelry and other accessories to sell, you need to consider the buyer and so we include this color in our work more as there are many purple lovers out there.
This is a bargello style scarf clip in the Acai and Vivacious color combo.

And here are the recipes for these two colors using Kato clay:

5 parts Mix #10-2 *
1 part Kato Silver

10 parts Kato Magenta
1 part Kato Red
1 part White Mix #1-2*

*Note: These base color mixes are found in my Clay Color System Tutorial.

1 comment:

Christine said...

The colours are beautiful and you are always kind to share your recipes for the colours.

It is interesting in what you say about the colour purple. Here in the UK there is a jewellery making channel called Jewellerymaker and they have different designers on each day. One designer in particular have mentioned that on his craft stall cutomers are always drawn to his amethyst and rose quartz jewellery as they are the stones and colours they feel familiar and comfortable with.

He also says that purple,pink blue and green are the most crowd drawers.

Personally although I like the richness of the colour purple I cannot wear it as it just doesn't suit me. I am always drawn to earthy tones and which suits my colouring mush more.

As always your creations are beautiful. I also feel quite guilty as I really should start blogging more.
Best Wishes