Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pantone Fall 2013 Fashion Color Samba

The Pantone color Samba is a rich and very vibrant shade of red.  Years ago we have never found jewelry pieces in red to be big sellers.  We have noticed, however, that over the past 2 years, red has gained more popularity and now almost any item we create in red sells and we get more requests for items in red than ever before.

Combining red with black can be very dramatic.  Here are two scarf clips created with the Samba red. The one on the left is red on a black background using the "sutton slice" technique and the one on the right is charcoal mica powder on the Samba red textured clay.

Here is the clay color recipe using Kato clay:


3 parts Kato Red
1 part Kato Magenta


Anonymous said...

You achieved a really nice red. It is very tricky. I've had too many pieces turn a horrid pink once they emerged from the oven. Both pieces are nice. I'm particularly drawn to your sutton slice. It is very nicely done. I especially like that as a scarf accessory. They would be a huge hit in Turkey where it seems like you have a scarf for every outfit. Thanks for sharing your work.
Deb Groom

2 Good Claymates said...

Good to hear from you Deb. The scarf pins are quite popular as people are looking for items to wear with their scarves. I am working on having a supply of clips made available and will do a free tute to show how to attach them to the clay if everything works out.

The red did turn out nice as I find red in Kato clay tends to have a real "plastic" appearance and this shade does not. Mind you, I had to rework this color recipe several times until I figured out a simpler mix that worked perfect.

Chrissieday said...

Where can we get the scarf clips

2 Good Claymates said...

I am currently working with a supplier to carry the scarf clip findings and will share that with you as soon as it is worked out and they are available.