Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bargello Dish in Black and White

In my tutorial, "Building Bargello Motifs in Polymer Clay", I show how to create a bargello pattern in black and white (see  page 12).  I made a sample veneer sheet for the lesson but had not finished it into anything yet.  I had it sitting on a side table in our studio for some time hoping I would be inspired to finally making it into something.  I finally could envision what to do and here it is now as a ring/jewelry dish.

The texture I used to "frame" the piece is a Pixie Art Stamp called "Magic Mushroom" designed by Mike Breil.  Mike is Helen Breil's husband and just like Helen's texture sheets, Mike's are really fun to play with. 

After baking the dish, I added the silver/white highlights to bring the pattern out a little more.

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Cynthia Blanton said...


That dish is gorgeous! Very nicely done.