Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clay Storage Tips

The first thing anyone says that enters our studio is "Wow, you  sure are organized".  It is not that everything automatically falls into place -- I do have to work at it -- a lot!  If I don't, it drives me (and Dave from all my moaning and complaining) nuts when I spend more time looking for something than actually working on a project.

I have been looking for some time to find the right container for storing my clay canes and blends and such.  I found these containers in the scrap booking section at a Michael's store and bought a few to test out.  I figured I could use them for other things if they were not compatible with the clay.

I was happy to discover that they are totally compatible and I love that they are shallow so you can store a lot of clay canes and pieces without having to stack them.

So on the next sale I picked up a bunch more and I love how they all fit nicely on the shelves at my clay work table.

The other item I was always looking for were those cool deli sheets that work great for wrapping and storing your clay.  They are just not a common item to buy here in Canada and I have never had success finding them.  I managed to buy some from a guild member who brought a few boxes up from the U.S. and showed them to my friend Denyse.  Well the next day she comes over with a box of these "perfect portions" bags by ziploc for me.  I could hardly believe it that it was the exact same stuff but in "bag" form.  We just cut the bottoms off and slit them open and voila --- we now have lots of sheets for our clay.  Thanks to Denyse that she found these (she bought them at Costco real cheap) and I thought I would pass this info on to anyone who has had a difficult time as well to find such a thing.


Mal said...

I am having studio/ storage envy Carolyn. Looks fabulous and VERY functional! Enjoy it!

Marian Hertzog said...

Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to get organized! Love those perfect portion bags for food too!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

It's always great to hear new recommendations for storage, especially from a fellow Kato user. I would just add that it's ALWAYS a good idea to do a quick compatibility test of one's own, particularly for those who use other brands :)

2 Good Claymates said...

Yes that is correct Monique. It is always good to do your own test as you never know if the containers someone else finds might not be exactly the same as the ones I found. And I did find that other brands of clay can react differently to various containers as well. Thanks for the reminder.