Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Surviving the Heat Wave and Another "Bangle" Tea Towel Holder

Yesterday was an extremely hot day and the only place to escape the heat was to celebrate Canada Day at the lake or river or to seek out an air conditioned building somewhere.  The temperature was recorded at 38.5 celcius or 101 F.  Where we live it was even a little warmer.  Unfortunately our air conditioning unit decided to take a break and quit working.  Fortunately we were able to get someone out later today and they were able to fix it.  Was almost impossible to even think about claying in that type of heat.

So here is another tea towel holder I made using one of my stripe blend "bangles" formed this time into a rectangle.

  I used some of my left over color blends from my bargello to create the stripe effect in the towel ring.

The lime button was from a cane that I had made some time ago that I still have plenty of.

I only used a small piece of fabric to make the hanger and was really quick to whip up.  It is basically a rectangle piece with a loop to hook onto the button.

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