Sunday, September 26, 2021

Fall Pantone Colors Root Beer, Soybean and Adobe

Browns have not been a popular color for some time now (I hardly sell anything in brown) and so I was surprised to see two shades this season.  They do combine well, however, with the other seasonal colors in this new palette.

I filled these stainless steel buttons with clay in the fall Pantone colors.  They have a linen-like texture and look similar to the post earrings I also make.  They are sold individually in my online store for mixing and matching.  I also have the empty button frames available in the DIY section of my online store here.

These buttons are in a small size making them very suitable for baby or children's knit or crochet wear and will also work on a man's shirt or ladies blouse.  They can be placed in a washing machine or dryer but do not dry clean as the chemicals are too harsh and can damage the clay.

So here are the recipes using Kato clay:

Root Beer

5 parts Burnt Umber # 3-2 *
1 part Kato Pearl


4 parts Ecru Base # 2-7 *
1/2 part Kato Yellow
1 part White Mix # 1-2 *
1/2 part Kato Silver


1 part Burnt Umber # 3-2 *
1 part Kato Brown
1 part Ecru Base # 2-7 *
1 part Kato Gold
1/2 part Kato Magenta

* Note:  These clay color recipes are created using Kato Polyclay.  Any of the base color "mixes" used are from my Clay Color System.

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