Monday, January 28, 2019

Clay Recipes for the Pantone Spring Fashion Colors Princess Blue and Toffee

The last two clay recipes of the main Pantone 2019 spring color palette are Princess Blue and Toffee.  Tomorrow I will share three more clay recipes which are the Neutrals.  Sweet Corn is one of these neutrals which I have decided to show here as well.  If you have my clay color system, you already have this recipe along with the Toffee.

Here are some samples I mixed up combining these three colors.  The earring dangles (diamond shape) are all reversible and can be worn on their own or added to the posts.

Sweet Corn & Toffee

Princess Blue & Toffee

Reversible & Interchangeable Earrings
Princess Blue, Toffee & Sweet Corn

And finally the recipes for the Pantone colors Princess Blue, Toffee and Sweet Corn using Kato clay.

Princess Blue
8 parts Kato Blue
1 part Kato Violet
2 parts Kato Pearl
1 part Ecru Mix #2-8 *

Same as clay recipe
Tanned Leather # 3-6 *

Sweet Corn
Same as clay recipe
Cream # 2-10 *

* Note:  These clay color recipes are created using Kato Polyclay.  Any of the base color "mixes" used are from my Clay Color System

My Clay Color System tutorialis available in both my Etsy shop (US pricing and instant download) and my Online Store (Canadian pricing and sent to the e-mail address you provide).

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