Friday, January 11, 2019

Pantone Spring 2019 Fashion Colors

I started mixing up the new Pantone Spring 2019 fashion colors and will be sharing the clay recipes with you very soon.  I have to say that I love love love the new colors and find them so vibrant and exciting!  As an example, just look at the Color of the Year which is called Living Coral.

All of these new Pantone colors mix up so well in the Kato clay.  Several of the colors are a perfect match to some of the clay recipes already in my Clay Color System so if you have my lesson, you already have a head start in mixing up these these gorgeous shades!

For those who are not familiar with my Clay Color System, it is more than just clay color recipes.  It is my own method I designed to not only mix and blend colors but how to organize your recipes and clay itself.  Included are various worksheets that assist you in combining and blending to create your own unique colors.

Each season (spring and fall), the Pantone Institute announces the fashion color trends.  I then mix up my clay recipes based on those colors using my official color palette cards.  I use Kato clay for these recipes as this brand of clay is in the true artist colors.

I then like to share these new Pantone color recipes on my blog.   While it isn't necessary, it is very helpful if you have purchased my Clay Color System as many of the recipes use base colors that are included.  And if you do not have my color system yet and have thought about it, well here is coupon code for you to take 30% off at the check-out.  But hurry!  It is only good until Jan 20 of this year.  To get your discount, use the coupon code:


at the check-out in my online store or in my Etsy Shop.

If you are looking for more clay color recipes from past Pantone collections, you will find them on this blog at the top menu.  I also have more inspiration for all the Pantone colors on Pinterest.

So I am looking forward to sharing with you my clay recipes for the new spring Pantone Fashion colors for 2019 very soon!

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