Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Clay Recipes for the Pantone Spring 2019 Colors Eclipse, Soybean and Brown Granite

Along with the Sweet Corn clay recipes that I shared yesterday, Eclipse, Soybean and Brown Granite are the other three Neutrals that Pantone includes in their spring 2019 fashion color palette.

Eclipse is a deeper shade of navy blue compared to the navy used in the past seasons.  Navy is sometimes referred to as the "new black" and I have found that my buttons and jewelry pieces created in navy as the dominant neutral instead of the typical black, have become quite popular.  Many people find they do not look good in black as it can drain their facial color where they can wear a dark neutral such as navy without the same negative effect.

While I show three of these neutral colors together they will also compliment the other colors in the Pantone Spring palette.  For instance, instead of using a white or ecru in your mokume gane blend, try using Sweet Corn or Soybean instead.  Or for a dark shade, you can use the Eclipse or Brown Granite instead of black.

I am going to continue on experimenting with my color blocks and see what new combinations I can come up with and perhaps expand this style even a little further which I will share with you later.  In the meantime, here are the last three recipes for the Pantone colors Eclipse, Soybean and Brown Granite using Kato clay.

Follow the base recipe for Navy # 9-7,
increasing the Kato Black to 2 parts

2 parts Ecru Base #2-7 *
1 part Kato Yellow
1 part Kato Pearl

Brown Granite
Same as the clay recipe for
Chocolate Truffle # 3-5 *

* Note:  These clay color recipes are created using Kato Polyclay.  Any of the base color "mixes" used are from my Clay Color System

If you do not have my Clay Color System tutorial, it is available in my Etsy shop (US pricing and instant download) and my Online Store (Canadian pricing and sent to the e-mail address you provide).

Tomorrow I will have these clay recipes available on 4x6 index cards that you can print out if you wish.  Please feel free to leave a comment here or on facebook if you have enjoyed receiving these clay recipes.  

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