Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Buttons at Kelowna Yarn & Needlecrafts

We made a trip to Kelowna today to visit one of the shops that sell our work, Kelowna Yarn & Needlecrafts.  We had our first break in the cold weather for some time and even though the roads were a little slushy, it was nice to see the sun again and enjoy the scenic drive.

The previous owners of Kelowna Yarn recently retired and we had the pleasure of meeting with the new owner, Cheryl.  It was really nice getting to know her a little bit and discover she also has a passion and understanding for the Pantone colors.

We left some fresh new buttons and also our new Snap Shawl Sticks at the store.  We want to wish Cheryl a great and successful 2017.  Here is a peak of some of their new buttons in stock. 

Buttons - Organic 'Peacock'

Buttons - Moonscape Square

Buttons - Color Wheel

Art Deco Buttons

Interchangeable Snap Shawl Sticks

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