Monday, January 16, 2017

Another Ripple Blade Cane in Pantone Spring 2017 Colors

We have been making lots of mokume design buttons for the yarn shops.  This batch was created using the Pantone Spring 2017 fashion colors Lapis Blue and Greenery.  For this mokume design we used the White Mix (recipe #1-2 in my Clay Color System) in the blend which creates lots of contrast.

After making my first ripple blade cane (see my blog post here), I had to try it again and made some with the left overs.  Because I was just testing the colors out, the pieces came out rather small but I managed to make a few buttons and snaps out of them.  This time, instead of flattening out the pieces like I did the other day, we wanted to maintain that 3-D ripple effect.

Ripple Blade Cane in Pantone Colors Greenery and Lapis Blue

Ripple Blade Cane - Decorative Snap and Button

I especially like how the snap turned out and it looks really cool on several snap base accessories such as the tube bail pendant, shawl stick and brooch lapel pin shown below.

Interchangeable Snap Accessories

Interchangeable Snap Brooch Lapel Pin

Interchangeable Snap Shawl/Hair Stick

Interchangeable Snap Necklace

I love adding a snap to special designs like these as it makes it so versatile and can be worn more than just one way.

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Joanne said...

Love this! Beautiful work!