Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Working With a Blank Flat Snap to Create Interchangeable Jewelry

In my tutorial, Creating Interchangeable Polymer Clay Jewelry, in a Snap!, I show how to work with a blank metal snap that has a bezel frame.  Recently we have come across some new snap findings that are instead flat.  These work really well for mounting onto irregular clay shapes or larger designs.

Larger Textured Designs Mounted on Blank Flat Snaps

Textured Snaps and added to a Snap Base Necklace, Snap Base Bracelet
and Multi-functional Brooch (Sweater Guard)
These snaps are available in our web store along with other snap base supplies for interchangeable jewelry making.  When working with these snaps, prep them first the same way as the Snap Bezel A (see page 4 of my tutorial - Part 1).   Cut a thin clay circle that is the same size as the inside of the snap.  Apply liquid clay first into the snap and then add the clay circle working it under the folded metal edges.  Make sure there are no air bubbles trapped underneath or polk them with a thin needle to allow the air to escape.

The snap is then ready to be mounted onto the back of your clay design.

Back of Snap Design

I love working with these new flat snaps and finding more uses for them all the time.  These larger snaps work really well on the simpler or plainer snap bases without adding too much bulk or thickness.

Shawl/Hair Sticks with Snap Base and Larger "Snap" Art Beads

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