Monday, July 18, 2016

Multi-functional Snap Jewelry Available at Intwined Fibre Arts

To go along with our multi-functional snap jewelry (see my last blog post here), we have been creating some new snap art bead designs in a slightly larger size.  These snaps also have genuine Swarovski crystals to accent the deep jewel-tone colors and add some bling.

These work really well on our multi-functional brooches as well as our new shawl sticks with the snap base.

We are happy to announce that a selection of these new snaps, shawl sticks and multi-functional brooches are also now available at Intwined Fibre Arts in Salmon Arm.

Althea of Intwined Fibre Arts
Intwined Fibre Arts is a colorful store packed full of a wide range of yarns.

Althea and store mascot Gus

There are also lots of beautiful knit pieces on display for plenty of inspiration.

Althea loves color and besides the yarn, she also sells high quality chalk style paints from The Fat Paint Company made right here in Canada.

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