Saturday, July 16, 2016

Multi-Functional Snap Jewelry Available at Knit 2 Yarns

We have been building up our "Snap Decisions" jewelry collection and our latest pieces we have been working on is our multi-functional magnetic brooch.  We are happy to announce they are now available at Knit 2 Yarns in Kamloops.

It is basically a metal snap base with a clip for attaching a decorative charm to wear as a brooch.  It can also be used as an eyeglass holder just by switching out the charm with a large ring.

You can clip it to the stainless ball chain (included), to wear as a necklace.

You can even combine two brooches and add a chain connector to wear as a sweater guard!

Knit 2 Yarns is a quaint yarn shop that just opened earlier this year.  You can follow Carla on facebook or her blog to see what she is up to with her quilting as well as her knitting.

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Carla said...

Hey Carolyn. Your buttons are popular that's for sure ; ) Thank you for the shout out