Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pantone 2012 Color Honey Gold and Hooked on Polyvore

The last Pantone fall 2012 fashion clay color recipe I have to share with you is Honey Gold.  This rich golden yellow is a slightly muted version of a previous Pantone color called Golden Glow which I have used as my base color.

Honey Gold
4 parts Golden Glow (see recipe # 6-6) *
1 part Ecru Mix (see recipe # 2-8) *

* These base mix recipes are found in my Clay Color System tutorial.

I don't have any clay pieces to show you yet as I have been busy working on filling bead and button orders.  I do have this collage I created on Polyvore some time ago, however, combining the Honey Gold with French Roast. I came across various Polyvore collages on Pinterest so decided to check it out for myself the other day and once I started playing around I was hooked!  It was rather fun and but also addicting and reminded me of my early years playing with paper dolls.  It is a fun way to combine various colors and textures.  You will find more collages and Pantone color inspirations on my Pinterest board.

And here is a summary of all the clay recipes for the

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Honey Gold
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