Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pantone Color Recipes Pink Flambe and Ultramarine Green

I'm going to share two more Pantone Fall 2012 clay color recipes again with you today -- Pink Flambe and Ultramarine Green.


Pink Flambe
5 x Kato Magenta
1 x Kato Orange
1 x Kato Pearl
1 x Kato White

Ultramarine Green
6 x Kato Green
1 x Kato Blue
1 x Kato Pearl

You will find that when you mix up your clay colors they might appear slightly different from the samples shown above or other images on your computer.  This is because every computer screen can show colors quite differently.  When I mix up my clay colors I use the actual Pantone color chips to match and get a more accurate hue.

Here are a few pieces I was experimenting with combining the above two colors along with Bright Chartreuse and Tangerine Tango.

Some mokume gane:  (I haven't decided how I will use this clay sheet yet)


Unknown said...

I love that button! Those colors work well together.

Cartridge said...

You did a great job.Such a Great Advice.....Thanks for nice tips..