Monday, September 10, 2012

Pantone Color Recipe French Roast and Rose Smoke

I have two more Pantone Fall 2012 clay color recipes to share with you this time:

French Roast
6 parts Kato Brown
1 part Kato Black

Rose Smoke
5 parts Ecru Mix (recipe # 2-7) *
1/4 part Kato Magenta
3 parts Kato Brown
8 parts White Mix (recipe # 1-2) *

* (base mix recipes found in my Clay Color System)

Here are some beads I made using my "Mini Mokume" technique combining the colors French Roast, Rose Smoke and Pink Flambe.

Just a tip about mixing your clay colors.  I like to use large cutters to mix up larger clay color batches and find using a square shape is easier for more accurate measuring when you need to measure out 1/4 or 1/2 parts by cutting from corner to corner.

I hope you are finding these clay color recipes useful so far.  Have you mixed any of these new colors up yet  and if so, what are your favorite combinations?

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Unknown said...

Cutting out shapes for consistent amounts of colors is sheer brilliance! Thanks for the tip. I love brown and pink together.