Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Special Story About a Special Lady

I have a cool story about someone we recently met that I had to share with you all.

One of the stores (Donna's Yarn and Craft Centre) that sells our beads, buttons and shawl pins was giving us requests for several custom shawl pin orders.  This customer especially loved the ones with the rich textures and fiesta spiral bead at the end of the stick.  We were wondering who this was until we finally met her in person.

This is Dianne.  She is not only an avid knitter but she is blind!  She is an amazing lady and she shared her story with us and how she can do something without her sight that we take so much for granted.  She explained how her husband helps her by sorting all her wool in piles by color.  The wool is placed into bags and she tags it with that color in braille.

So how does she read a pattern?  Her friend Donna will help her find the right patterns she is looking for.  They are then mailed to Marjorie Arnott who is also blind.  Marjorie converts the pattern, using a special embosser into braille and sends it back to Dianne.

We were extremely interested in how she chose her shawl pins to go with the sweaters and wraps she knits.  Because she cannot actually see them, she would go by touch and how they feel to her instead.  She is especially drawn to the ones we make with deep rich textures.  You might recognize Helen Breil's texture sheets that were used in the ones shown here.

This is one of the shawl pins I made special for Dianne -- She asked for one with roses that she could "feel".    The end of the stick has a "vintage rose" double-sided bead on the end to match.

Dianne is a real inspiration to both Dave and I and we feel we can learn so much from her.  I hope you found her story just as inspiring.


Jane Perala said...

That is incredible! I can see and I am always dropping stitches - lol. She is just amazing.

Math Games for Kids said...

Inspiring story.. Hats off to her!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, what a sweet and inspiring story that was! I can't help but wonder how the other blind lady converts the patterns for her? Probably her husband helps her just as this woman's husband does. Heck, my husband helps me alot come to think of it, lol.

Norma's Bag Boutique said...

Great story and lady. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks. I thought you might appreciate it. I'm not sure how the other lady converts it either but apparently she uses some special computer program.

Unknown said...

Dianne is my mom and I just want to thank you for posting a "blog" about her. My mom was so thrilled and excited to tell me that there was a "blog" about her....I'm not sure she understands exactly what it is though. My mom is truly an amazing and inspiring person...thank you for seeing that in her. Another amazing lady is Donna from Donna's yarn and craft. She has been such a creative force in seeking out ways to enable my mom to create so many wonderful knitted projects which are a special treasure to have my mom make and give to those of us she loves and care for!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thanks so much for commenting. Your mom truly is a special person and wasn't too difficult to see from the short time we had together. I have to agree about Donna as well. She is a real gem as well and so glad that we have met and getting to know each other more.