Monday, September 12, 2011

Emberglow - Pantone Fall 2011 Colors

Emberglow is very similar to the spring 2011 Coral Rose which was a slight variation of the fall 2010 Living coral and previous to that, Fusion Coral.  Are you seeing the trend here?

Emberglow has a bit more yellow and orange than last season's Coral Rose so is a little more of an autumn shade than summer.

Because Emberglow is so similar to the Pantone Spring 2011 Coral Rose, I just had to tweak the recipe slightly to achieve the new fall shade.  To do this, start with the basic Coral Rose color recipe (# 5-6) provided in my Clay Color System Tutorial.  Keep the amount of magenta the same but increase the yellow to 6 parts, orange to 2 parts and pearl to 4.  You can make a new color chip and saved it as a new color on your cards.  That is all there is to it.

Tomorrow I will share with you my recipe for the color Phlox ...  yummm!

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