Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bamboo - Pantone Fall 2011 Color

Bamboo is a soft golden yellow and similar to last season's yellow, Beeswax.  Before that, Golden Glow was the fall 2010 color and very similar except a richer shade of gold.  If you have my Clay Color System tutorial, you already have the recipes for these shades of yellow plus the new Pantone color, Bamboo.  It is almost identical to recipe # 6-4 titled "Lemon Curry".

Lemon Curry was a Pantone fall color from several years back but just a shade darker than this years color, Bamboo.  Adding more pearl or white mix (recipe #1-2) can lighten it up or use it straight for a richer tone.   If you prefer a lighter shade, I would suggest to create a six step color blend with the #6-4 Lemon Curry and White Mix #1-2 to create several lighter shades to choose from.

When matching with my Pantone color chart cards, I found that the 5 to 1 mix was a perfect match.

I like using this shade of yellow when working with Mokume Gane as well as cane work.  It  combines beautifully with autumn colors such as rusty type reds, browns and especially greens.  Here is a sample of some bangles I made a few years ago using the Lemon Curry with a Moss green which is very similar to the Cedar green for this fall.

I will continue on in order and tomorrow I will share with you my recipe for the color Emberglow....

Now I do have a confession to make.  If you have my Clay Color System I discovered a slight error when mixing up the Lemon Curry (recipe # 6-4).  I discovered that it should read 1/4 instead of 1/2 of mix 7-8.  It is surprising what a difference of that extra 1/4 can make in the final color turnout even though it is still a nice shade but perhaps a bit greener than intended.  Please accept my apology for this error and make a note of it in your album.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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