Friday, September 9, 2011

Pantone Fall 2011 Color Recipes - Honeysuckle

I mentioned yesterday that I would be sharing with you the new Pantone Color recipes for this fall and winter.  I have been following the Pantone fashion guide for some time now and mixing up my clay color recipes to match for making my beads (and now buttons) so our jewelry would coordinate for that season.  I found the colors to be very inspiring when it came to creating various blends and combinations.  One thing I have noticed over the years is how the colors do not change from season to season or even year to year all that  drastically.  The changes are more subtle and there are several common threads that run between them.  In fact, if you have most of the color recipes for the past year or so, all they need is a little tweaking here and there to create the new color for another season.  I will show you how this works with the new recipes I will be sharing with you.

I should explain of course that all my recipes are using Kato polyclay.  I prefer this clay over the other brands since it is a much harder type of clay and I like how the colors are more true for mixing.

Another thing is that these new Pantone color recipes are based on my Clay Color System Tutorial.  If you already purchased my Clay Color System tutorial, you will be able to add these new recipes to your album.  If you do not have my tutorial or use another brand of clay, you can mix up your own recipe just by following the guidelines I will be providing.

My Clay Color System tutorial already provides more than 60 Kato color recipes.  Some of those color recipes I've included are listed on the Shades of Clay site but 54 colors are entirely my own.  Most of the recipes I have provided are perfect for using as is, but many of them are considered "base-type" recipes and intended for creating blends and using as a "base starting point" for creating more new colors by following the Color Wheel and six-step color blend worksheets provided.

Another question I get asked often is if I use any of the Kato color concentrates in my recipes.  I want to tell you here that I do not use any of the concentrates at all and for several reasons.  I have experimented with them a bit and found them to be extremely dry and crumbly so therefore difficult to work with.  I also found them to not be that  concentrated and you still need a fair bit to create a rich color so therefore making them rather costly.   They seem to work best for the mica shift technique and there are some great recipes for this as well on the Shades of Clay site.

Pantone Color of the Year

I decided to start you off with Honeysuckle (recipe # 11-6 in my clay color system) as the first color.  Honeysuckle was chosen by Pantone as the Fashion color of the year so it is still a part of the Fall 2011 color palette.  I already shared this color recipe with you on a previous blog post along with a fun tutorial on how to make your own Disc style Earrings.  You can click on the photo below and it will take you there.

You will notice that the honeysuckle shown here might be a darker shade than what is on the Pantone website.  If you prefer a much lighter shade, this can be easily created by adding more pearl or white mix (recipe # 1-2) until you achieve the shade you want.

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