Friday, September 23, 2011

Coffee Liqueur, Nougat and Deep Teal

This is another color combination using the Pantone fall 2011 colors, Coffee Liqueur, Nougat and Deep Teal.  I've been busy working on some orders to fill so I quickly made some beads from my mini mokume technique.  Personally, this color combination wouldn't be my first choice as I much prefer brighter colors but  it does have a nice earthy tone that is very calming.

When mixing up my Pantone colors, I also like to add color chips to an index card recording my cross referenced recipe numbers.  I can refer back at any of the past seasons if I'm looking for a particular color or for a comparison.


Anonymous said...

I rarely create with clay but I do love fashion. I like how you keep up with the fashion trends by using the newest colors of the season and discovering the best way to use them in your designs! The little cards with the color chips are a fabulous way to record what you have done!

2 Good Claymates said...

Thank-you. One thing I found since I started doing this, is how it has helped me push my boundaries a little more and try new colors and combinations so things are more fresh and don't get stale after a while.