Thursday, August 5, 2021

More Pantone Spring 2021 Fashion Color Samples

Here are a few more of the Pantone Spring 2021 colors I mixed up and then screen printed in white or black.  These pieces are also made into "snaps" so they can be interchanged with our various jewelry and accessories.  The first three pieces are shown on the gorgeous softglass cord.  I buy it from Shades of Clay and you can find it hereThis is the post I show how I add my snap base with a tube bail.

Raspberry Sorbet

Green Ash


The marigold snaps are on yellow cork necklace cords.  They are available in various colors and can purchased here.  If you are looking for snap supplies (and can use your coupon code provided with my tutorial purchase) they can be purchased in our DIY supplies section.

My snap tutorial along with all my other lesson tutorials are all 20% off until this Sunday.  Sorry, only on sale in my online store here.  (Prices are in Canadian dollars).  Use coupon code:  lesson20   at the checkout.

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