Sunday, August 1, 2021

Silk Screen Printing with Pantone Spring 2021 Fashion Colors

I have been experimenting with adding silk screen prints on the Pantone Spring 2021 Fashion colors to create some new decorative snaps.  I don't make the typical clay pendant or necklace anymore as I find the interchangeable snaps are more practical as they can be worn so many different ways.  This way I create the art and the individual can decide how they want to wear it.

Below are larger size snaps with Cerulean Blue as the base and screen printed with black and white.  These are on a thick "softglass" cord (available at Shades of Clay) with an added snap base with a tube bail.

And here are the same colors made into the regular size snaps:

The snaps below are in the Pantone color Amethyst Orchid and screen printed in white:

If you are interested in making your own clay designs into interchangeable snaps, my 2 part tutorial is available in my online store only and on sale until July 5th.


Included with the tutorial purchase is your own private coupon code (unlimited) for 25% off all our snap and jewelry making supplies.

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