Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Custom Name Stamps from Shades of Clay

My custom name stamps arrived from Shades of Clay a little while ago.  Since my studio was still not set-up after moving I didn't get the chance to try them out until just recently.  The cool thing about these stamps is that you don't just get one signature stamp but can have your stamp made 7 different ways!  Here I have my heart logo in several sizes as well as my name.  It is nice to have the flexibility to use them in various ways.

The first thing I did was cut the stamp sheet in strips crossways to separate the stamps for easier use.  One tip is to be sure not to trim the edges as this gives you something to hold on to while impressing (see photos below).

I really like the tin that is included to store your stamps so they don't get lost as they are quite small.

One thing that amazed me was how they such a small stamp can give such precise results!

These stamps work great on the clay but I also intend to use them on my other artwork which I will share with you a little bit later.

Click here to order your stamps from Shades of Clay which is a limited time offer. 

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