Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Inspiration using the Pantone Spring 2021 Fashion Colors

Wendy Moore (After the Monsoon) has been playing with the Pantone Spring 2021 fashion color recipes I shared which I find so inspiring!  This year Pantone has declared 2 colors of the year instead of the usual one and are Illuminating and Ultimate Gray.  I find these pieces that Wendy created are wonderful examples of this color combination and have real a summer vibe to them, don't they?

Pantone Colors Illuminating & Ultimate Gray
created by Wendy Moore

Wendy also created these cool flowers (shown below from her Instagram page) using all of the Pantone spring colors in different combinations.  These were created from various canes she made and really shows how all the Pantone colors of each season can mix and match within the group and create a unique balance in color.

Pantone Spring 2021 Fashion Color
created by Wendy Moore

So what have you been making with the Pantone colors?  I am busy working on some new pieces for summer and will share them soon.  We are in a heat wave at the moment so very thankful for our central air conditioning.


Monsoon Wendy said...

Darling Carolyn! Thank you for your encouragement. The colour recipes have been so useful for me, and for the ladies of Samunnat Nepal, for many many years. The flowers were a fun exercise when I was feeling a bit blah! Hard to feel blah surrounded by colour. Hugs to you.

2 Good Claymates said...

Well I am happy we are able to encourage each other! I feel the same as you and love surrounding myself with color as well.