Friday, September 9, 2016

Pantone Fall 2016 Fashion Colors Aurora Red and Warm Taupe

I am not a fan of the color Taupe as it does not look good on me at all,  I do like a rich red, however, and one of my favorite shades is the Pantone Aurora.  If it seems familiar to you that is because it was one of the Pantone fall colors in 2014.  It is the color I like to use to mix up my Faux Red Stone using the same technique as in my "Fabulous Faux Turquoise" tutorial.
Faux Red Turquoise Stone "Snaps"
Necklace with Faux Red Turquoise Stone "Snaps"

So here are the clay recipes using Kato clay:

Aurora Red
8 parts Kato Red
1 part Kato Gold

Warm Taupe
4 parts Kato Brown
1 part Kato Silver
3 parts White Mix # 1-2 *

* Note:  These clay color recipes are created using Kato Polyclay.  Any of the base color "mixes" used are from my Clay Color System.

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