Monday, September 19, 2016

Lake Country Art Walk 2016 Review

It was another great Lake Country Art Walk this year and was nice to catch up with returning customers as well as meeting new ones. 

There were plenty of new items available, some of which we have not even shown here on our blog or in our online store yet, but I will be revealing them to you over the next while.

This is a sneak peak at one of our new scarf accent designs - a scarf slide or buckle that can be worn in several ways.  We found these gorgeous linen scarves in a wide range of colors that worked beautifully with them.  The buckle shown here was created using a texture sheet by Helen Breil which is one of my favorites, and of course has a genuine Swarovski crystal embedded.

We were fortunate to have live music performed by various artists across from us which was really nice.

We try to meet our fellow artist neighbors around us but were so busy that we only managed to connect with a few.  This is Angela Hansen who does encaustic art as well as work with acrylics and polymer clay.

This is a 3D piece she created combining encaustic wax with polymer clay which I think was amazing.

Karen Palmer was also across from us who works with regular pottery with such unique designs.  I especially liked how she combined natural wood as handles for some of the pieces.

There were so many other great artists at this top notch show and is a real thrill to be a part of it.  We are already looking forward to next year!

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