Friday, September 2, 2016

Finished Necklaces from Bettina Welker's Workshop

Joanne Caldwell and I got together today to finish our necklaces from the beads we made in Bettina Welker's workshop.   You can see the beads I made in an earlier post here.

We are both happy to see them finished and quite pleased with the results.  It was a lot more fun and less intimidating doing it with someone else instead of alone.

Necklace made by Carolyn Good

Necklace made by Joanne Caldwell
These certainly are real artsy statement pieces and now need a place to wear them!  Both our birthdays (as well as Dave's) are this month so already planning on where to go and celebrate!

And another exciting thing that happened this week is that Bettina's book I bought arrived in the mail yesterday!  It was autographed by her so will certainly be a nice keepsake with plenty of ideas and inspiration.


Joanne said...

Where ever we celebrate, we need to wear these Bettina inspired necklaces? WAs sooo fun today!

2 Good Claymates said...

I agree! Now I'd better make some earrings to go with it and you finish yours as well!

Joanne said...

Bettina's workshop was the best ever! I am so happy we got to share this together. and these inspired necklaces are amazing.....thank you Bettina!