Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gone Wild with Animal Prints and New Snaps

My knee is slowly healing from surgery in June and is nice to be able to walk normally with less pain these days.  My doctor says just no jumping, running, jogging or twisting action until it is completely healed so won't be out on the dance floor just yet.  In the meantime, I have been keeping busy with my clay as much as possible and excited about some new things we are working on this summer.

I was looking through my clay cane stash to see what we could make into snaps for our interchangeable jewelry and came across a container of animal prints that I had forgot about.  I realized they would look really great as snaps and so had to make a bunch in different styles!  They are now available in our online store.

Sneak Peek:   A shipment of snap supplies just arrived and we have some exciting new items such as the bracelet with the zebra snaps and the magnetic eyeglass holder.  We will share with you as soon as they are photographed and listed in our online store.  Don't miss out on any future sales or discount codes by signing up to our newsletter.  We promise we will keep your info private and will not spam you. 


Carla said...

You'll have to bring some your next visit ; )

2 Good Claymates said...

Sounds good Carla. I will put that on my list.