Friday, April 22, 2016

Vintage Lace Design using My Art Deco Technique

It is so exciting to use up a lot of our clay scrap left-overs to create some unique patterns.  I had a pile of white clay scrap after cutting out flower snap and button designs that I was saving.  Rather than just mixing it all up, I added some cane scraps for more color and wanted to see what the results would be using my Art Deco technique.

The result was the complete opposite when using black as a contrast.  Instead of bright and bold designs these patterns have a soft vintage look.

I love this technique as each Art Deco piece is totally unique.  Each time I slice and arrange the pieces is like opening a present revealing a surprise inside.

Vintage Lace "Snaps"
Vintage Lace Snap on the Fancy Heart Pendant
These snaps have genuine Swarovski crystals embedded into the centers for some added sparkle.  

Vintage Lace "Snaps" and on a Snap base ring

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