Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crackly Goodness in a Snap! - mini tutorial

I am always experimenting with various ways to work with alcohol inks and also creating crackle effects, so I was intrigued with Barb Fajardo's "Crackly Goodness on Polymer Clay" lesson at CraftArtEdu as it combines both.

I really enjoyed the lesson and picked up a few tips but I find the inks to be super messy and so unpredictable!  I know some "clayers" love the unpredictable part and at times I do to!  But there are times when we make a piece and then someone contacts us and says "how much they love those colors and can we make another one for them".  Working with regular polymer clay colors that is not an issue as we record all our clay color recipes, including combinations and blends.  But when it comes to inks, however, that can be a big problem.  This is an example of 3 scarf jewelry pieces we made using the same 3 ink colors and how each one came out slightly different.  Since we realized this is what happens, we make sure we color the beads the same time as the scarf bail so they match.

Also, working with alcohol inks can be extremely messy!  I purchased the Tim Holtz Ink Palette sometime ago and love it but you can see how the colors were starting to get all over the place.

Then I discovered a new method that is so much cleaner and works incredibly well!  Tim Holtz shows how you can fill a water brush with the Alcohol Blending Solution and using it to paint with.  The cool thing is that the brush is pretty much self-cleaning when you are switch colors!  You can see the entire lesson here.  Even though it is for making cards, the ink painting in steps 1 to 4 are all you need to follow.

I could hardly wait to try this but had to wait until I could track down one of those cool brushes.

My first attempt with this method was to make some "snaps" using Barb Fajardo's Crackly Goodness technique.  I was pleasantly surprised as to how much fun it was and easier to clean the brush (wipe on paper towel) between colors!

Some of the snaps I used silver (I can't say anymore or I would give part of the tutorial away) to match the silver colored bezel on the snap and I tried one (the flower) with black which was quite cool and gave such a different effect.


aims said...

Hi! I've searched all through CraftArtEdu and cannot find Barb Fajardo anywhere or her tutorial. I'm truly at a loss. Any ideas?


2 Good Claymates said...

I bought the tutorial some time ago so I guess I still have access to it. I didn't realize it isn't there anymore and they must have taken it off. You could ask them to bring it back or I will check around and find another link after if I can.

aims said...

I will send Donna a note and mention your blogpost if that's alright. I'm quite interested in seeing it as the results are quite wonderful!

aims said...

I sent an email over to them as this is what I got back -

Hi Aims,

Unfortunately, it is true. Barb requested that her classes no longer be offered online early in 2015.

We think it was related to her in-person teaching, but I know we've had a few requests for them since, so we were sorry to see them go.

Very best,

2 Good Claymates said...

Oh that is too bad. I know if you already purchased the lesson you still have access to it through CraftArtEdu. Sounds like she is teaching it in person now. Perhaps enough people request it, Barb will have it brought back?

In any case, if you do not have her lesson, you can still experiment with other techniques using the alcohol inks with this method instead of using other applicators like a regular paint brush.